Welcome to Survivors and Friends

Survivors and Friends was founded by annie, a Survivor of sexual abuse herself. Survivors and Friends exists to provide hope, encouragement, and support for survivors of sexual abuse, incest, and rape, and their friends and family.

Here you will find articles on sexual abuse, incest, rape, and on abuse recovery, which are written by other Survivors or the loved ones of Survivors.

Remember, you are not alone.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to offer support to survivors, and to family and friends of survivors, by::

  • Providing information that can aid in recovery.
  • Encouraging survivors to face the road to recovery with courage, including discovery and awareness, coping effectively with grief and depression, repairing the psychological and spiritual damage, and moving on to lead effective and fulfilled lives.
  • Providing an outlet for expression of feelings.
  • Providing supportive information for friends and family of Survivors.