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Title: Beyond Betrayal
Author: Carolyn Koons
Category: Survivors (General)
Title: Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of Your Life after Boyhood Sexual
Author: Richard B. Gartner
Category: Male Survivors
Description: With compassion and clarity, Richard Gartner shares insights from years of working with male survivors. Among this book's greatest strengths is the extensive use of examples from Dr. Gartner's clinical practice to illustrate problems and solutions on the
Title: Beyond Codendency
Author: Melody Beattie
Category: Survivors (General)
Description: Adult children of alcoholics and drug abusers will want to peruse this encouraging sequel to Beattie’s groundbreaking book on the dynamics of codependency ( Codependent No More ). She focuses here on the process of recov
Title: Breaking Free Workbook
Author: Pia Mellody & Andrea Wells Mille
Category: Survivors (General)
Description: Offers tried and effective ways to treat codependency . . . Splendid."
Title: Broken Boys / Mending Men : Recovery from Childhood Sex
Author: Stephen D. Gruban-Black
Category: Male Survivors

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