Resolving Childhood Hurts Worksheet

Resolving Childhood Wounds

This is a worksheet I (annie) use in my groups. Use this to help you see where some of your distorted thinking comes from, the lies you believe and have believed most of your life, and to help you understand what may be happening in your relatioships with others and why. If you have any questions, please email me. This can be hard to understand without explanation. I will work on some examples to include. Fill out one of these for each memory you have that still seems to come up or affects you. The most important catagories for you will be "The Truth...". Please let me know how it turns out for you. If this one doesn't seem to work for you, let me know and I'll put some of the others online for you to try.

Who did it? Your age then?
What Happened? His/Her Hurtful Response
My Expectations My Feelings Then and Now
Messages I Received About Me The Truth About Me
Messages I Received About God The Truth About God
  1. Take a moment and ask God to help you heal and learn from this experience. Listen for his response. Look back over your worksheet. What comes to mind? What scripture seems to help?

  3. What insight have I gained about me from this experience? What can I use to help me in similar situations?

  5. What insight do I now possess about God?

  7. How can I best bring resolution to this hurtful experience?