Are You a Victim of Domestic Violence?

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Do you feel safe?
  • Does your partner prevent you from seeing your family or friends?
  • Does your partner constantly criticize you and your abilities?
  • Does your partner intimidate or threaten you?
  • Does your partner hit, punch, slap, or kick you?
  • If you have a gun in your home, has your partner ever threatened to use it?
  • Has your partner ever prevented you from leaving the house, getting a job, or continuing your education?
  • Has your partner ever destroyed things that you cared about?
  • Has your partner ever forced you to have sex or forced you to engage in sex that makes you feel uncomfortable?
  • Do you feel like (or think you "know" that) you're no good at anything because of the way your partner talks to you or treats you?
  • Does your partner call you names like stupid or dumb?
  • Does your partner bring up your mistakes all the time and throw them in your face?
  • Does your partner prevent you from getting medical attention for sickness or injury?
  • Do you find yourself doing things in life ONLY because you worry about your partners reaction if you don't do it a certain way?
  • Do you find yourself doing things with or for your partner in order to save yourself from verbal, emotional, and/or physical abuse?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should seek professional help because you are in an abusive relationship. Millions of women are struggling with similar difficulties. Perhaps you and your partner can work through these problems. However, if you believe it would be best for you to leave, then you need to do what you believe is best for YOU!

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