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Survivors & Friends: Awards

Survivors & Friends is proud to have received the rewards we have gotten, and is honored to display the following Awards:

From Received For Award
Remedy's Garden Defenders of Children Award View
Bereaved Families of Ontario Gestures of Love Award View
Kelly Ladies of the Heart Award View
Kat Site of the Month View
Debbie Stepping Up, Stepping Out, Getting Involved View
Ladies of the Heart Ladies of the Heart Award View
Clara Hill Sisters Kindness Award View
Brenda Hill Messages with Meaning Award View
Charley Doing that Something Little Extra Award View
Faye & Linda Chandra's Survivors Award View
Morgan Guardian Angel Award View
Morgan Survivor's Award View
Ted Community Service Award View
Ted Outreach Award View
Sara Picklesimer Wilson Dignity of Life Award View
Becky Exquisite Site Award View
Survivors Across America & Beyond Survivors...Award View
PLO of Abuse & Rape Survivors Angels of the Internet Award View
MNE MNE WOW Award View
Jan Little Theo's Goldie Award View
Morgan Courage to Speak Out Award View
Morgan Survivor's Award View
Vickie For Caring View
Shelbie Memorial Angel Award View
Sara Be Kind to Yourself Freedom Award View
Mike (Mr. Hugs) Michaud Great Site of the Day View
Kristina Keep Our Children Safe Award View
NEEDID Super Supporter Award View
??? Majon's Web Select Award View
Heart Heart Award View
Mothers of Survivors Supporting Friends of Survivors Award View

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