Yeap you guess it he is gay!

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:26 am    Post subject: Yeap you guess it he is gay! Reply with quote

Someone hold me tight
As I cry and cringe all night
even the most gentle touch
shows me just how much
I wish I could forget
Guess I haven't yet
He hated everything about me
And with out him I could not be
He saw my eyes filled with pain
He kept on just like the rain
Nothing I do or say
Will make this go away
This feeling of flight
I'm gone again like a light
He nevered noticed when I was gone
Maybe that's why he would take so long
Or was it because he didn't care
How much he would tare
At me way down there
I think you know exactly where
I speak of
The place he would shove
All of what he called his love
At times I would wish to be a dove
But no matter how hard I wish I may I wish I might
My heart would begin to pound in fight or flight
For I could not fly
I tried not to cry
Instead I would go off in my mind
To see what I could find
There I saw fairies and beaches too
There in my head there is nothing I can't do
In the world I would call my own
I would feel more than just alone
I would think of what I could be
Instead of what I did see
Which was the bare lonely floor
As he would hang onto me for more
I would feel like such a stupid ugly whore
When he was done I would scurry to the door
And try to get up with out visibly shaking
I would slap a smile on my face, so he wouldn't see I was faking
A quick kiss before I would go wash him away
I wouldn't dare look him in the eyes and I would never say
Much of anything because I would have cried
Then in the bathroom I would pray to just die
Afterwards he would ask why I was so mute
I would say "nothing" to avoid any dispute
Even though deep inside I would hurt
Possibly even feel worse than dirty
What I wanted never mattered
So I never would climb that ladder
Of choice
Or have a voice
I was nothing to him
I will never win
His tricks were just too complex
And his love was only sex
Afterwards he was so quick to go
If he cared I will never know
A punch in the stomach like boom boom pow
I was his cankled ankled cow
Or better yet his punching bag
Because he couldn't deal with being a fag
Who fought for the flag
That was me then
Way back when
Now I have my my silly goose
Who I hope I never loose
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