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early on in coping with my daughters abuse in the mid 90s I read a book that was deep in a library and looks as though it had not been read in a decade but it was profound to me.

It made sense of something that really Does not make sense . the book was written to therapists working with sex offenders and it talekd about why these men abuse and what makes there rehabilitation so very difficult if not impossible for some.

It helped me understand the fundemental truth that yes in most cases abusers were abused

But they crossed a line - of denial that is very hard to come back from.

we all faced our inner denial that this person we loved and trusted came into our lives and robbed us.

But an abuser that crosses the line to Acting out there rage - on another becomes what they fear and hate the most (the abuser - that abused them) So the depth of that Denial is almost imperiable. is there hope for these people too?

I dont really know and it is not for me to judge So I wont. But understanding once a dog tastes human blood he becomes even more of a threat to children - teachs us something about these abusers.

I dont think the "justice" system can handle the complexity of these issues iin reality - and that is what keeps the cycles of abuse continuing generation after geneation.

Standing up for our children even if the laws cannot. will always be with that child. and I believe that is a gift of voice! and a gift of truth that will help that child recover from the effects of abuse with less if a struggle then those that are fighting the threats, deceptions and self lies that kept them silent.
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