Pieces of a broken Heart

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Pieces of a Broken Heart

When the first time you fall in love
You give all of your very heart
Jumping in with no need to shove
Submitting each and every part

A life filled with joy and wonder
Feeling so secure and complete
Passion is booming like thunder
Never feeling like you compete

Once you find your love has faded
Locking up your heart behind chains
Now feeling broken and jaded
Youíre left picking up the remains

You find some pieces are missing
The ones you have no longer fit
For some relief you are wishing
Ease this pain even just a bit

How can you love someone again
With a heart that is less than whole
Will your feelings begin to wane
Why is love an elusive goal

Determined to give it your best
Often it means losing once more
Putting all your strength to the test
Even when it seems like a chore

You find another broken heart
Staring at your own saddened face
Their story you know every part
Having lived in each otherís place

Thereís only one way to proceed
You have to jump in with both feet
Giving a heart thatís truly freed
Or you will face certain defeat

Once you begin to realize
All their broken hearted pieces
Fit right in where yours have been lost
Jagged edges match to creases

In place of reduced love to share
You have far more edges to match
Hearts become more than just a pair
Woven tightly like a roofs thatch

A bond so eternally strong
Forged from so many years of pain
How could it possibly go wrong
WE charge forward without restrain
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