How do you report w/ no proof & blackmail?

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:43 am    Post subject: How do you report w/ no proof & blackmail? Reply with quote

I was assaulted 3 years ago, repeatedly, by a husband and wife couple. They used mind games on me to get me to perform sexual favors for them. "We did things for you... we made you feel good... we helped you, don't you want to do the same in return?" They were in a dominant position which influenced me. They also "respected" the few demands I made... no sex... anal or vaginal... no blow jobs. They knew they'd lose their play thing if they did that. One day they made the mistake of leaving alone with another girl that they had done the same things to... only worse. They HAD raped her. We escaped together but she went back to them. I kept in touch with her for a couple of weeks, trying to get her to leave them again, and finally asked her to get the email to another girl that I knew they were meeting with and suspected they might do the same things to. Unfortunately at that point she felt more devotion to them and told them what I planned and they wrote me and blackmailed me. I can't tell anyone who they are and what they did or they will post compromising pictures of me (not of the assault but of other things just as horrible) to their famous blog. They know my full name and location. I'm looking for ways to out them but I have no proof it happened, I can no longer contact the girl that I know they raped. I have reason to believe she left them again thanks to their blog... she was a frequent poster there, and then they wrote about visiting her, and then there was nothing from them about her or from her again. I recently realized thanks to my counselor that probably means something really bad had to have happened. I tried calling her today and it's no longer her phone number. I also just checked their blog (took a lot of courage) for signs of assault, rape, accusations, etc. And they admitted to having numerous people accuse them of such things (but make it sound like they are the victims, that they're false accusations). Knowing them personally I know that's not true. How can I do anything about them to stop them from hurting others? (BTW... I will post this to another site or two... PLEASE don't consider me a troll... I've been accused of that before when I tried to warn people about people like them on multiple sites. That's not what this is. Just not everyone visits every site out there. And I really need help. My heart is hurting so bad.)
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