Survivors and Friends Community

Welcome to the Survivors and Friends Community section. This is a place where you can share your experiences, victories, joys, and pains with other Survivors. This is meant to be a safe place. However, being available to everyone on the web, we cannot guarantee that only safe people will come here. If you find something in the community section that is attacking another person, or is attacking you, please let us know. The Getting Started section of the forums will explain how to contact us in the event that there is any abuse.

We have recently updated our forums to using phpBB's forums, which we hope will help to bring a good sense of community to the site. Our forums have different sections for Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Partners of Survivors, and Parents of Survivors. Currently, most/all of the activity is in the Female Survivors and Partners of Survivors forums, but hopefully the others will begin to get more utilized as well.