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Protecting Your Child   (Parents of Survivors)

A child molester is not someone you can pick out of a crowd. He or she is not characterized by such things as social status, religious or non-religious beliefs, physical traits, or economical status.
-- by annie

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Possible Signs of Sexual Abuse   (Parents of Survivors)

These are simply common characteristics children display when they have been abused and can be used to help identify possible problems in a child’s life that warrants attention.
-- by annie

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Speaking As Parents   (Parents of Survivors)

Looking back, within a year’s time our lives went from “perfect” to “a living hell” and we began the first of what was to become a variety of grieving processes.
-- by Tom & Gail Harsh

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When the Secret Comes Out   (Parents of Survivors)

So your child tells you one day that she has been sexually abused or assaulted. How can you deal with this? How do you cope with the many feelings that come to you, while still being sensitive...
-- by from S&F newsletter

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Sex & Worldview: What’s Really Harmful?   (Parents of Survivors)

If journalist Judith Levine intended to stir up controversy with her new book HARMFUL TO MINORS, she succeeded in spades.
-- by Chuck Colson

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Words of Wisdom   (Parents of Survivors)

First and foremost, your daughter needs loving and safe support...In order for you as the mother to "be there for her" self-care of your own well being is key.
-- by Tom & Gail

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A Partner’s Dilemma   (Loved Ones of Survivors)

One of the most confusing feeling as a partner of a survivor is the utter conflict of feelings and the feeling of hopelessness, powerlessness, and loneliness.
-- by annie

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What Partners’ Need   (Loved Ones of Survivors)

Just as a survivor has specific needs in recovery, so does the partner.
-- by annie

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I’m Not Susan   (Female Survivors)

Don was drunk again, just another typical night, one of many. I remember the good times of our marriage—times like when the baby was born and our first home. Things were great then...
-- by A Battered Woman

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Benefits of Denying Anger   (Female Survivors)

I really didn’t like this new me. I was trying desperately to continue in my old ways of denying and disowning my anger. For one thing, I found out that there were some great benefits to denying...
-- by Toni, a Survivor

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