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Victims No More   (Survivors (General))

We create our reality from what we know; our held beliefs, values, and accepted self-image. However, our outmoded childhood belief systems lock us into a repetitious cycle of patterns and habitual processes. Many times, we find these patterns creating...
-- by Dr. Barbara Sinor

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Who Started It Doesnít Necessarily Matter   (Parents of Survivors)

Remember in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy began her stroll down the Yellow Brick Road? Eventually she came upon a fork in the road. There she stood, unable to determine which way to go until...
-- by Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

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Myths That Put Us All At Risk   (Female Survivors)

Most sexual assaults simply donít fit any stereotype. Among the most common misconceptions are these:
-- by Jolie Ann Bales

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Through the Pain   (Survivors (General))

Thereís no denying itÖlife is filled with pain. Some of us have had so much pain that we are overwhelmed by it. The thought of trying to work through the pain, to face the realities...
-- by Kevin K. Nelson

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Letter to My Family   (annie's Corner)

By now you may have all read each and every word printed on these pages. I hope you have...but more than read them, I hope you have really heard what I’ve said...
-- by annie

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Family Responses   (annie's Corner)

Various responses from family members about my site and my letter to them after they discovered my site
-- by family

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God’s Nurturing Words to You   (annie's Corner)

"I am your sovereign Lord who knows how to sustain my weary ones with a word. I will awaken you, morning by morning. I will awaken your ear to listen and heal your heart so you may receive...
-- by a friend

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A Brief Synopsis of Child Sexual Abuse   (Parents of Survivors)

Given that the grooming and manipulation often occurs subtly over time, and with a trusted figure, the child finds him or herself stuck in a situation without comprehending how they got there.
-- by Gary Direnfeld

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Safe From Strangers   (Parents of Survivors)

There are few thoughts as terrifying as the abduction of your young child by a stranger...The problem is though, that a childís view of a stranger is very different from a parentís view.
-- by Gary Direnfeld

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Myths About Male Sexual Abuse   (Male Survivors)

Myth #1 - Boys and men canít be victims. This myth, instilled through masculine gender socialization and sometimes referred to as the "macho image," declares that males, even young boys, are not ...
-- by conference

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