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Myths That Put Us All At Risk   (Female Survivors)

Most sexual assaults simply don’t fit any stereotype. Among the most common misconceptions are these:
-- by Jolie Ann Bales

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I’m Not Susan   (Female Survivors)

Don was drunk again, just another typical night, one of many. I remember the good times of our marriage—times like when the baby was born and our first home. Things were great then...
-- by A Battered Woman

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Benefits of Denying Anger   (Female Survivors)

I really didn’t like this new me. I was trying desperately to continue in my old ways of denying and disowning my anger. For one thing, I found out that there were some great benefits to denying...
-- by Toni, a Survivor

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A Confrontation Letter   (Female Survivors)

For many survivors there comes a time when we must confront those who abused us and/or let the abuse happen. This is one survivor’s letter to her parents...
-- by "Jane"

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The Body Remembers   (Female Survivors)

...try to remove themselves from the reality of the pain by going numb, going “away” or forgetting. But memories and feelings don’t go away. They go underground...
-- by Faith Rayman, M.A.

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Crashing Out of Repression   (Female Survivors)

Once the memories start to surface, you begin a new journey in your life and nothing will ever be the same. That journey includes watching, waiting, and wishing for the pain to go away.
-- by Christi

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Stages of Growth   (Female Survivors)

A list of the common stages of growth that survivors go through in the recovery process
-- by Karen Lison, M.A.

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Sabotaging Intimacy   (Female Survivors)

"...many people are afraid of intimacy because intimacy requires risk and vulnerability. The closer someone is to us, the more power they have to potentially hurt us."
-- by Karen D. Nichols, Ph.D.

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