Myself & I

by annie

We're here all alone, just Myself and I
Watching the animals go flying by
A bear, a rabbit, and look at that tree
And a baby giraffe, they're all so free.

I then turned my head, "What's that going on?"
"Isn't that Daddy? Oh well, I'll be gone."
Back to the window, to the sky above
A fluffy white angel looks down with love.

I soar to the heavens, passing the whale
Then I'm knocked back down by the dragon's tail
I pick Myself up, all bloodied and wet
That dragon was strong, he hurt us...and yet...

We'll sit by the window, Myself and I
We'll watch the cows and the horses that fly
And when night falls, we will dance with the stars
They'll carry us away--maybe to Mars


by Annie

' Copyright: Annie: 1990-1998: All rights reserve